Nursing Home: Medicaid & ALTCS


Is Arizona’s Medicaid program that provides long term care to those eligible. Eligibility is based on financial and medical qualifications. The financial qualification limits the amount of income and assets that you can have while still being eligible for benefits. If married, then your spouse’s income and assets are taken into consideration when determining eligibility. The asset limit is $2,000 for single persons and $3,000 for married persons. It is important to know that certain assets are excluded from this limit such as a house, car, and personal items. The income limitations depend on if you are single or married, and if married which spouse is receiving the income.

Proper planning can help protect assets and income while still becoming eligible for ALTCS benefits. With the proper plan in place you can leave assets for your spouse and loved ones. At Mahoney Law Office we provide assistance in determining if ALTCS is right for you and in helping you get approved for benefits.


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