A Will Details

Who you want to leave your assets to and who you want acting as guardian of your minor children.

In Arizona, If you die without having a will, it's called dying intestate. This means that the state laws will govern who receives your assets. This can have an often-times surprising result if you are remarried with children from a previous relationship. In that case, your surviving spouse will only receive one-half of your estate and your children will receive the other half.

Don't leave who raises your children to be fought out in the courts. If something happened to you, who would raise your children? Where?

  • Even if you have a small estate, this is a major reason for completing a will.
  • If you name a sister and brother-in-law to act as guardians, what if your sister dies? What if they divorce?
  • If your successor trustee or personal representative is the same person as your guardian – there are no checks and balances. In the alternative, does your successor trustee or personal representative get along with your guardian?

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