Special Needs Trust

A Special Needs Trust

Is necessary when a person/beneficiary is receiving Social Security Income (SSI) and other government benefits such as Medicaid. If a person inherits money, they will lose their SSI and Medicaid benefits. The Special Needs Trust will prevent the loss of benefits. Examples of uses of a Special Needs Trust are listed below.

Special Needs Trust Uses

This list is not all inclusive. The list includes some examples of what a Special Needs Trust can be used for.

  • Care giving: such as a personal attendant or therapist not paid for by Medicaid
  • Experiences: such as traveling and concerts
  • Services: such as cell phone, internet or cleaning service
  • Pet care: pet food and veterinary
  • Things: such as computer, clothing or furniture
  • Anything Medicaid does not cover

The Trustee of the Special Needs Trust must be careful about making distributions for food or shelter as that may cause a reduction in benefits‑It’s a balancing act.


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